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Many people heard about the climate crisis but did not know what caused it. Is it naturally happening or not? Naifah realized that climate change is occurring unnaturally. It has been induced by human activities globally. She elaborates the root cause of climate change is the policies and behaviors that led to a rise in GHGs emissions in our atmosphere. There are many sectors that have added to these GHGs emissions, such as the production of fossil fuels, agriculture, and manufacturing. It is deeply related to our daily lives and makes us as youths feel anxious about what will happen in the future. Naifah expressed that we might not have a safe future where we can live comfortably. The earth’s situation is getting worse. So, what can we, as youths, can do to prevent this? Begin this LayarBelajar course and discover more about Climate Change from Naifah Uzlah.

By joining this course, you will:

  • 1. Obtain knowledge on the issue of climate change starting from the causes why it happens to its impact on our daily lives.

  • 2. Get insights into the measurable yet significant action items you must do to contribute to this particular issue.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the learning space of LayarBelajar

    2. Introduction of the Instructor

    1. What is climate change?

    2. What would probably be the roots of this issue?

    3. How does climate change affect our life and the next generation?

    4. Assignment 1

    5. What can we, as youths, do to prevent things from getting any worse?

    1. Closing & Remarks from Instructor

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Meet The Instructor(s)

Naifah Uzlah

Co-founder of Economy for Ecology, International Relations student at Universitas Indonesia

Naifah, an undergraduate student majoring in International Relations at Universitas Indonesia, is passionate about environmental sustainability. She is persistently showing her interest through the founding of Economy of Ecology in the last December. She is currently employed as a sustainability specialist at Fairatmos. Naifah has worked as a freelancer at Carbon Ethics, the same company where she previously interned in 2021. She has also been working as a project support intern at Boston Consulting Group for the past 5 months. Being a G20 Research Assistant was another wonderful experience she had while studying at Universitas Indonesia. She did research on global economic components, G20 priorities, and SDGs development for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' research report. Her experience demonstrates her tremendous desire to rescue nature and create a sustainable environment by doing so.

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