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When discussing the existence of international organizations in our world, they serve multiple diverse functions. As international organizations rise, so is international politics shaped by international organizations. Quinta emphasized how crucial the role of IO is in helping solve global challenges. However, did you know how these organizations work? She covered everything from the role of influential and less influential countries in international organizations to the functioning of international organizations in international politics. Are you feeling interested in working at international organizations? Not only explained about the historical development of IO, but Quinta also mentioned some of the pathways you can take in working at international organizations such as the UN, WTO, IMF, and World Bank. Begin this LayarBelajar course and discover more about International Organizations from Quinta Allaya.

By joining this course, you will:

  • 1. Understand the historical development of international organizations.

  • 2. Obtain knowledge and insight into the theory and practice of international organizations in international politics.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the learning space of LayarBelajar

    2. Introduction of the Instructor

    1. What are International Organizations?

    2. The Increasing of International Organizations

    3. Differentiating International Organizations

    4. The Importance of International Organizations

    5. Pursuing A Career in International Organizations

    6. Assignment 1

    1. Closing & Remarks from Instructor

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Meet The Instructor

Quinta Allaya

International Relations student at Universitas Indonesia

Quinta Allaya Emirsyah is an undergraduate International Relations student from Universitas Indonesia. Pursuing her current economic affairs career at ​​the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, she is one of the selected 35 young leaders of the first-ever leadership school here. Ever since a first-year student, Quinta was selected as public relations ambassador. She is in charge of several public activities, social media appearances, and representing the university in a positive light. She has worked part-time at a property-technology firm for the past two years, specializing in Performance Management and Organization Development. She formerly worked as a research and development manager for the Indonesian Student Association for International Studies (ISAFIS). She is particularly interested in community-building, international advocacy, and educational programs.

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