Why Are We Here?

As a public school alumnus who had the privilege of continuing her studies abroad, Ayesha, co-founder of Gores Denai (Yayasan Penggerak Global), had the best time of her life studying in the Netherlands. However, she realized that the privilege was certainly not enjoyed by many; resources at local Indonesian universities are relatively limited compared to the world's leading institutions, and studying abroad is a large investment financially, making it impossible for most Indonesian students. Ayesha later became active in creating mini-lecture videos through her personal YouTube channel, where she elaborated on complex theoretical concepts and practical skills she had acquired from college and her own personal reading. In late 2021, Ayesha and her Gores Denai team decided to turn these mini-lecture videos into a better-designed and easy-to-digest course for public school students. At the same time, Gores Denai has been supported by HartLogic Enterprise Consulting since early 2021. In one of the consulting session, Ayesha shared the problems she experienced in realizing a premium learning platform to HartLogic's President, Bern (Bernhart Farras). Bern's full profile can be seen at https://bern.id Then Bern introduced Yesha to the Chief Chairperson of the HartLogic Foundation (Yayasan HaLo Bantu Dunia), Laras Kusuma Dewi who also has several initiatives in the field of digital education since 2013. Laras’s full profile can be seen at https://pranala.link/laras After a long discussion, a collaboration was established between HartLogic and Gores Denai to start a joint initiative under the name Layar Belajar.

Our Features

  • Knowledge

    In Knowledge, you will encounter many exciting yet-nerve-wrecking courses that will definitely contest your critical thinking skills! What would probably be the root of the climate change issue? Are international organizations only the ‘servants’ of the powerful states, or do they also have influence autonomous of their member states? Find the answer to these questions in Knowledge. Start your learning journey with us now!

  • Hard Skill

    Aside from studying more substantive courses, LayarBelajar also believes in the importance of balancing our Knowledge with a good set of skills that will be valuable in university. Hard Skills will teach you how you can write your own academic paper, make an appropriate research design, speak in front of your classmates and colleagues confidently, and many more!


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